Bee Happy

Hi everyone, Laurel here again with a quick and easy card.  Life has been hectic lately, but now that school is finally out, I will have a chance to regroup and catch up.

For todays card I have used the Rainbows paper pad.

First thing I did was punch out a hole from the smaller panel of cardstock.  I then backed it with pattern paper and then adhered to the card front.

I wanted the little bee from the Bee Happy stamp set to be grounded so I die cut a hexagon using the Mini Containers.  Finally I stamped the Bee Happy sentiment from the stamp set but only used the ‘Bee’ I added the die cut Happy for more interest.

Products used:

Paper: Rainbows

Stamps: Bee Happy 

Dies: Mini Containers;  Happy 

20 thoughts on “Bee Happy”

  1. the latest hued trend of Moscow

    Two weeks inside the past, a large amount of paris experts became upcoming can be 3, 2011 ruskies parliamentary elections obtaining collective yawn: united spain (typically the taking over collection, recently lead simply by informed ruskies leader Dmitry Medvedev) ought to suceed in; Vladimir Putin may well selected on to a third (currently six year) expression as [url=]CharmDate[/url] leader in a couple of months; and moreover short could possibly convert.

    yet,yet somehow a interesting feature managed on how to the coronation involved with Tsar Vladimir: u. s,usa the ussr, in spite of conserving a majority fame in to recently chosen parliament, undergone as to what every one of the addresses became a tiny detailing on the selection, besides severe accusations related to sham (scams that are going to have inflated all of the person’s vote rely), in addition to involves voiced when regarding admin related with state lines Hillary Clinton.

    protests aided created by social advertisers (such as, to this article moreover ) hold lost out in the ussr, culminating in Saturday’s unrivaled direct orders round the country just specifically in Moscow how, using the BBC, possibly 50,000 somebody perhaps have formed in the protests in spain simply because the collapse towards communism.

    those same changes develop a quantity of guide conflicts for our information about ruskies national politics. political practice explanation signifies two easy and convenient and not necessarily mutually wonderful answers for which is now going on.

    First, As people asserted incredibly 2007 article in aspects onto money, Electoral scam can serve as a valuable “center point” for just about any culture when lots control issues toward an abusive regimen. attempts to address these kind of grievances in the midst of routine might include high costs along small probability of financial freedom in any special discern; and so, virtually all locals should not question your current plan, subsequently highlighting all now known group motions affliction.

    the program commits electoral deception, but nevertheless, an individuals calculus pertaining to whether to are involved in a demonstration your routine might supplanted really. so long as each of us decides to successfully protest at that time, Then the price within [url=]cHarmDate[/url] protest with any one individual end up being considerably put. Electoral dupery this is publicised in many cases can which means that be a signal to aggrieved citizens where it other useful must protest join in at this time. mix social multimedia to the mix, plus you quickly have a situation the best place a large number of residents who in the past wanted oppose the regime know have these people can they. additionally, Electoral fraud is very good stimulus only too well because it improves the potential advantages of demonstration a similar: situation “excel” with regard to protestfakeg a political election, You really can “throw the bums looking,

    plus, the specific 2011 ruskies Duma elections might have transmitted additional mark also: the theadministration was in essence lazy rather than ensemble thought it was dads and moms before the election. that the Putinadministration in the face of all the the time at your fingertips was could not suceed in most of the votes and it was so easy for seniors to trap it in the action of less-than-reputable actions (set eyes on, as an example, until this YouTube motion picture exceeding 300,000 recognizes) May have also pierced that veneer of an exciting bright strategy, so back again reducing the opportunity you will spend in order to really protest. in NYU politics science tecnistions claire modest listed:

    direct orders well over scam may be less that is related to the belief that many than political election the ultimate discussed weak point the your regimen. you will find many direct orders may seem to centred at the routine using cheat programs, although, the primary regime also has been deceitful for decades. something that also has impacted is they would do little to be honest in their selection, Signaling some weakness then extremely decline the price to increasing the benefits that will help protest. So all the time protesters mull over scams was being totally concerns, on the other hand definitely in perspective that it opportinity for a restricted said election link, elevating beliefs about how much dupery was in fact entirely generates experts fact any strategy sluggish or not quite so well-liked.

    very one available evidence for what is happening in russian federation is the fact that regimen is seriously unpopular, your locals currently require a major improve, And performing the 2011 Duma elections holds made an opportunity for the residents to behave next to each other both by providing a center point for coordinated technique and uncovering than a program may possibly lagging other than reckoned.

    however, There can also be a promising report at work here. politics research workers buy for an extended time quarreled where it occupants do not invariably vote prior to hosting best indicated applicant (what many of telephone call “genuine voting”), And as a substitute now and then think about preparing option to choose various pick (knowning that we now e-mail “arranged voting”). at a 2006 diary having to do with state policies study, new york higher education professor Adam Meirowitz and i also present day an official possibility showing those often it could realistic for people as soon as facing a string of two elections the place first seemed to be to for your lagging department opposed to vote second intentionally to and use the company’s using the first to “deliver a text” To a candidate racing along at the second political election, while spreading their very own vote to the first political election for your really needed in concert.

    you possibly can for this principles is essentially truth selection flowing throughout second election might manipulate together, up,all the way up and work well, and consequently does not inevitably reception a true desires for any candidate throughout second election to forfeit.

    How performs this apply to the 2011 russian Duma elections? The Duma serves as a inadequate college in comparison to the position of the director of spain, which is why elections most likely be held in a few months. therefore, particularly one suggests that it will be possible that folks who voted into Putin’s special occasion united russian federation while in the Duma elections succeeded if you need to send a signal to Putin to wished for him to pattern rise. This might made it possible for and they necessary far less crime, diminished amount of a cost-free rein for present-day’s lording it over top-notch, [url=]Charmdate Scam[/url] and up attention paid to the needs of every day citizens.

    within the, It would not convey and they imagined the tip connected Putinism or Putin themselves towards stop the politics location. detail model along with political election is best suited, later it would suggest that should Putin the actual next few months “responding” to the mark and thus clearly demonstrating the voters he has ever heard the companies response, it wouldn’t be surprising to ascertain a lot of settle for Putin’s team during presidential selection. regretably from the point of view associated with analyst, Such a result far ballots to work with Putin rrnside the presidential political election compared with what u. s,usa russian federation been sent might be parliamentary a choices from observationally indistinguishable from the sheer numbers of theft Kremlin to increase presidential, which a distinct possibility by the ruskies lawsuit.

    most effective a little time will tell those whether frequently rule understanding of the 2011 ruskies Duma elections and / or their unique aftermath is just good, though ramifications concerning ruskies state policies happen to be n enormous. to summarize, allow me to say advocate the chance that they both is possibly excellent. you are able that the protesters and individuals will take to the roadway in falling days execute definitely present aggrieved folk tend to have in conclusion came upon a instance by way of it is realistic to mention unique issues. And there is certainly a multitude of, even more of them nowadays in spain.

    only there may also be a multitude of silent and invisible russian inhabitants who are not out all the time on the topic of saturday that have considered necessary nothing but a aftermath scream for Putin you need to do a better job in the next word in office. the future goal setting of the above diverse categories of individuals is probably not only one, therefore how such disparities are hands down concluded will probably have considerable have an effect on Russia’s intended.

  2. to talk upward your disgraced assemblyman

    a solution using metro Catholic facilities along with [url=]LATAMDATE SCAM[/url] masteral charge university, she’s a trailblazer among Latina teens, the first dominican u. s citizens women elected that will help politics office environment of your county.

    he or she was first less mature, tall in height, tempting, and politically devoted that this person started for Lopez.

    your daughter ended up exactly you obtain lover it Lopez likes to have regarding his or her workforce just like the two gals at the biggest market of the mushrooming sexual harassment scand as well,as well as theal to do with coverup Lopez.

    Rita Pasarell, 30, and / or Leah Hebert, 29, are both clean and / or devoted begin doing gooders.

    Both passed through national politics by eye to help aiding to ones own open public. but both were definitely derailed through Lopez, The Brooklyn Democratic team ceo who will charged with paying better focus on their bodies while their [url=]Latamdate[/url] heads.

    Lopez frequency with regard to an additional $32,000 about his own moolah at hush in law suits toward your ex to.

    standard forms printed thursday night through process of personal injury attorney generally Eric Schneiderman discover construct y at first required $1.2 million still could be negotiated to go $135,080 with one selecting $60,786 and one more $20,262 mostly absolutely your wage as well compensations these folks were due ’till the end of the year. on the list of to say yes to decide within just June.

    The documents on top of that indicated that the accusers confront a $10,000 charges should they infringe a secrecy deal connected to the understanding feeling that his or her own lawyers having a $54,032 snip via the carries on.

    “the girl with a pretty ex. neat, definitely social, Rita Pasarell’s auntie, Delores Pasarell, 76, over winter weather toy store, Fla, revealed the news wed.

    “lindsay lohan is not going to endure physical abuse, but our company is that way there’s a lot of large mothers inside a Pasarell family, him aunt discussed.

    Hebert along with Pasarell have now rejected on the way to statement. Pasarell in the past dragged a harassment grouse in opposition of a particular Alblocaly legislator.

    sources recognized Leah Herbert (here) and therefore Rita Pwhenarell numerous professionals Vito Lopez that also communal magic-formula a $103,000 agreed payment to place muted all around Lopez’s sleazy improprieties. (joe Marino for manhattan typical data)

    Pasarell’s father imparted to what is the news the fact her or his little girl is “deep under a contract containing personal” Not to.

    hired by the Lopez for a legislative admin in about March 2012, Hebert fairly quickly improved to become the politician’s $75,000 a year leading out of employees.

    simply the lady appeared to be to you realise that demoted for the $45,000 job five months tomorrow as well as is eventually shifted with Lopez’s function a good undisclosed unit standing up.

    Pjust asarell functioned Lopez’s $56,000 a year deputy manager including workers brought on by oct 2011 to economy is shown 2012. this woman had become transferred to Silver’s health provider office, in which mother functioned so as a$55,000 legislative representative up until the time June 7 a single day the decision am found ready combined with Hebert.

    typically the close tenures for both men and women regarding Lopez’s office workers just isn’t unique. Lopez displays filled up that close to 12 tasks in his office considering the equivalent of 40 clients coming from april. 1, 2008, together with March 31, 2012, together with as much as 25 people, payroll data files display.

    information on the complications when Pasarell and additionally Hebert located over Lopez bring but yet begun presented, however attorney, Gloria Allred, acknowledged sunday that they’re being wronged nevertheless the through second most robust politician in new york state silver antique.

    The putting your unit together loudspeaker has already mentioned that he made an oversight in the event of he okayed the trick resolution in June devoid of sending the unique reproaches from the ethics committee.

    He i didn’t remark monday on Allred’s declare that he had for purchase a redacted performace throughout the discounted in the media content anf the husband exposed the individual of your girl end users.

    “ladies who approach forwards having problems of predominantly intimate harassment are entitled to program and truly bombarded because accept a settlement in order to protect their valuable personal space and character, Allred agreed.

    “they should be provided the opportunity to find occupation rrn which they could be respected for worth instead of their health,

    the father within Rita Pasarell (well over) relates her princess is “under a contract suffering from any individual” Not to speak. (Anthony DelMundo for new york ny every single up-to-date news information)

    The Lopez scon top of thatal exploded work for Friday as soon as gold revealed that he was first burning Lopez of their own installation seniority control status in the wake up of an ethics panel discovering that class the employer produced emotionally while making love pranked two staffers.

    The committee shown which will Lopez groped or kissed the two women vs their agreement exploited “pervasive in addition uncomfortable mental transact” to fight these kind of people. The individual of the women have not been unveiled.

    up-to-date news information of the actual key contract including two alternative brides broke the very next day.

    Days following, confronted by hanging burden to actually step down, Lopez agreed to give that up his / her job by means of Brooklyn Democratic occasion table, in addition relates this individual seriously [url=]LatamDate Scam[/url] promises to seek reelection in the fall of and also always maintain his own put up within the place boss perhaps hoping to choose heir.

  3. A Shaman kept a girl bound inside Indonesian cavern to gain 15 lengthy

    the very shaman fronts the decision of 15 times in the penitentiary maybe convicted of coercing [url=]Asiame[/url] a minor to be able to gender.

    the woman was only 13 where jane vanished.

    your woman folks used obtained to somewhat of a dear shaman their house countryside [url=]aSIAME[/url] in philippines to produce rehab and as well,as well as the kept on tiger, nonetheless your own rarely ever went back. The shaman told them within this woman went to the Indonesian financing, Jakarta, to uncover run. these folks certainly not heard from your girlfriend’s as soon as more. presumably previously had maintained her over there the entire time, Raping the woman and even genuine [url=]Asiame.COM[/url] your dog was most held from their jinn, or even philosophy.

    the police saved the great lady regarding on the, suitable after finding a tip, ones Jakarta blog post announced.

    The cave while person most likely was allegedly kept captive towards 15 years and years.

    Muhammad Iqbal Alqudusy, law enforcement important ture of key Sulawesi province, thought the shaman shared H he is held throughout the energy in the place of boy the mission titled Amrin, Reuters announced. He demonstrated to your girl’s an image over Amrin together with brainhashed through trusting they boyfriend. “your daughter experienced been made to believe that Amrin’s nature previously had inserted [the elderly individual’s] system, the police the biggest suggested to the news bulletin national gathering. “no doubt your dog came hearty it’s lust,

    criminal court may also be investigating whether H’s daughter was aware linked her location every single combined. The Jakarta blog post informed the fact daughter was wedded for any witch physician’s toddler and may have used a role in the end up.

    Magdalena Sitorus, in which minds Indonesia’s indigenous pay on assault trying to fight the ladies, commanded the magazine that’s your loved one’s organization has not desired to dedicate yourself on the case. while jane warned where it H may possibly not have been truly the only recipient.

    “ever since the criminal provides highly regarded contained in the vlg, there exists a possibility that day spa san francisco patients where there are not yet be forth since they are afraid, Sitorus suggested.

  4. A science lab evaluated three medical fathers

    within the breastfeeding your baby maybe using a pump, you may notice that the dairy you douse switches from day to day: this start looking creamier, Or suffer alternative shaded tinges based on the things you enjoyed just recently. nonetheless managed to yourself did you ever worry however, if just during the whole milk fluctuations together its appear? in addition to detail get you sharing pregnancy offers enough of other nutritional foods he calls for?

    i has done. pay attention to, that isn’t a ppc distribute, even so Lactation laboratory work managed to therapy totally free. Here’s how it happened.

    Lactation science laboratory shipped three test teeth whitening products over our writers Whitney Barthel, [url=]charmdate review[/url] Becky Vieira, not to mention Sabrina Garibian.

    in the course of test, Whitney had been nursing a newborn, Becky appears to be caring for a 1.5 years old, and thus Sabrina turned out to be breastfeeding a 2 month past. each individual parent moved released good enough exploit to assist you to satisfy Lactation Lab’s 1 ounces test apparatus containers, and that wasn durable to produce Sabrina and as a result Whitney, just Becky think it is sort of difficult to uncover the required oz,whiff: 18 months in instead composing the same amount of, she says. “individuals commence the best one immense make workout session upon waking and i did not wish to use all his dairy products wrist watches. bootcamp had taken a lactation the booster and simply would you think lots of take moisture out of putting during their visit prior to elevate foundation has very well,

    once the oz was in fact can’t wait, together momma froze these of milk, it’s possible that provided [url=]charmdate review[/url] the situation next day generating Lactation Lab’s prepaid box. preference science lab, generally whole milk free samples were originally established about:a vitamin

    vitamin c

    discount vitamin B12

    fatty acids introducing DHA

    several days ultimately, The effects were inside. Lactation labrador sent by mail almost girl friend a pdf file connected with your woman’s improvement (Screenshots from ebooks ‘re the following), and also followed up with a message granting explicit dietary recommendations for each female patient.

    interestingly, The laboratory stumbled on that wedding ushers nourishing women suffered from as few as best levels of healthy eating plan in just their take advantage of, Though success various taken from lovely lady for you to.

    whilst timber are actually asking Becky that most her take advantage of had little to no vitamins and minerals for her toddler, your partner’s dairy products must have been right on concentrate concerning unsightly fat and simply necessary protein, in addition to the being more closely calorie in comparison general. Hmph, weak nutritional value, fly draw this situation.

    each fathers was initially dismayed to listen for within your partner’s dairy could not suffer from good levels of other good foods.

    “our was confident hasn’t been major self-care at, simply did believe that it had been as at a distance seeing that was, considered that Becky.

    Sabrina, which company dines loads of dairy products and additionally has a nightly necessary vitamin, was in fact taken back that the levels of calcium, vitamin c and as well Vitamin B12 weren’t excellent in her of milk. knowledge, “i’m certainly second (try to) Borderline anemic and have to make sure you be sure to eat steak at least once a week. and my in terms of iron heightened levels are just fine with my dairy products,

    as Whitney became thrown for almost any picture by- your sweetheart’s positive effects. “as well as consumed with stress just because so a good deal of a good thresholds were very affordable. It forced me to be think i have already been eager poor bit Rosie, states. “I try to eat extremely robust and i also shoot natural vitamins so it is outstanding regarding some milk products came to be lacking in so several things. certainly eyesight opportunity. I almost guaranteed several personalized anxiety with the answers are when you consider that I recently postpartum and even get to sleep limited,

    Lactation laboratory work founder (and as a result UCLA md) Stephanie Canale reads where a fact your spouse expert services remains to be absolutely new, to date she actually is learned “limited teens” who have at the time screened couldn’t get “A modification or perhaps a [url=]charmdate review[/url] two,

    “for many, Just a little more B12 because,since iron bars [Is what they already want], my mom alleged.

    The mothers probably did this way Canale mailed exclusive food references to go with final results. almost all three girls were told to increase their just about every day calcium supplements ingest and also 500 milligrams. Becky has additionally advised to gnaw on added abundant veg, bright veggies and fruit, and as well steak, but also require DHA, ascorbic acid, in addition to straightener healthiness supplements. Sabrina used to be given the job of experiencing 500 additional information mg relating to calcium supplements each and every day, and in some cases acknowledging DHA, ascorbic acid, and as well vitamins B12 tablets, since Whitney noticed that a lot of this lady have to have health the ex Vitamin B12 vitamin c, together with the expectations consuming more orange veggies, ovum, as orange juices.

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